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Connect Your Device

Here you will find instructions on how to connect your Windows Phone to the wireless network.

Step One

Open settings and select WiFi. Ensure the WiFi switch is on.

Step Two

Once the WiFi switch is on, it will populate available networks. Select "WiFi-UNI."

Unsure of your operating system or the device you're using? This website  will help you to determine the operating system (OS). You will find it on the button in the top right titled "Operating System."

ResNet Add/Remove Registrations

Most devices that have a web browser can register automatically by trying to access a web site. If your device does not have a web browser, you must manually register the device. Following are the directions on how to register your device manually.

To begin, log in with your CatID username and password.

Connect directly to UNI-WIFI

Manual Setup:
For some distributions of Linux you may have to resort to manually setting up the network. Information for doing this is found on our Manual Configuration page

Plug in the Ethernet cable and open a browser to register the device. 

Step 1


Click on the link starting with "Please click here..." to begin registering your device.

Step 2


Step 1

Turn on WiFi on your device.

Step 2

Once WiFi is turned on, your device will populate available WiFi networks. Connect to the wireless network titled WiFi-UNI.

These are instructions on how to connect an Apple iPhone to UNI's WiFi network.

Step 1

Open the settings app on your iPhone and open Wi-Fi. Select WiFi-UNI from the available networks.

Step 2

It will next prompt you for a username and password, which is your UNI CatID and Passphrase. Click "Join."

Note: All TVs must be connected through a wired connection. 

Blu-ray players must be connected using an Ethernet cable. 


For Samsung Blu-ray players, please visit the Samsung support website. Find your model of Blu-ray player and look for directions to find your device's MAC address. Use your MAC address to register your device

Nintendo Wiis are only able to get internet access over a wired connection and are unable to connect over a wireless connection. Since the Wii does not come with an ethernet port built in, you will have to purchase a wired LAN adapter. Before trying to register, make sure that you have an ethernet cord connecting your Wii to the port in your room.


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