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Note: These instructions are designed to help students living on-campus at the University of Northern Iowa. If you find them beneficial, feel free to use them, but no support will be able to be provided unless you live on-campus at UNI.

If you receive the message: "Windows System Error - A duplicate name exists on the network", this means there is another computer with the same name as your computer's on ResNet. Having a duplicate name on the network will not cause you problems with Internet connectivity, but this message will continue to appear.

To change your name on the network:

1. Right click on your My Computer icon and select Properties.

2. Select the tab labled Computer Name and click on the Change button.

Windows 8 does not use the reformat method seen in previous forms of Windows. The reformat method is replaced with a reset option. This does not uninstall Windows, but instead returns to a factory fresh state. 

ResNet Add/Remove Registrations

Most devices that have a web browser can register automatically. If your device does not have a web browser, you must manually register the device. Following are the directions on how to register your device manually.

To begin, open this link, then log in with your CatID username and password. 

E-Business (formerly known as MEMFIS) is used to keep track of the time that is worked each week. Timecards are turned in weekly and we get paid every other Wednesday. General information about E-Business can be found here.

To access E-Business go here.

ResNet provides internet access and support to all students living in the residence halls. Requests are first directed through the Computer Consulting Center. You can reach them at

If a conference guest is calling regarding questions about their conference or internet access, please direct them to:

If a guest would like to register for ResNet access, please direct them to:

If a guest would like to register for internet access on campus, please direct them to:

Launch Windows Remote Desktop Connection by typing mstsc or remote desktop connection into the start menu search bar.

  Choose your room's location:

  1. Residence Halls (Bender, Campbell, Dancer, Hagemann, Lawther, Noehren, Rider, Shull)

  2. ROTH


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