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A person using a personally-owned device using UNI's data network in residence halls or apartments.

Hillside-Jennings Apartments now using Mediacom Services

Hillside-Jennings Apartments were previously supported by ResNet Internet services. Now, with a switch that will offer Hillside-Jennings Apartments a stronger, more effective connection, the UNI Department of Residence switched over control of internet services to Mediacom

For internet...Read more

Wireless Wired

With the exception of the AppleTV, all of these devices do not support the wireless security settings necessary to connect to our Wi-Fi. However, they all can connect to our wired network with an Ethernet cable.

Wireless Wired
Wireless Wired
AppleTV's now able to connect to UNI WiFi!

AppleTV's update last year to allow WPA2 Enterprise to connect wirelessly allows them to connect to our WiFi! It's a complicated process but we streamlined as much of it as possible. Find the instructions on our AppleTV page. Contact...Read more

Network Issues

One of our servers crashed early this morning! Some users are experiencing a loss in service. Sometimes, it appears as though you must enter your username and password and it will "fail to authenticate credentials." It should be up early...Read more

Our Connection Guides are now up!

We have put up our Connection Guides on the site for your convenience. If you are trying to connect and don't know where to start, read through the guide for instructions and tips. Make sure to check the correct...Read more

These are the minimum system requirements to access ResNet's network.



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