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Typical Connection Issues

  • Incompatible with WiFi-UNI
  • Invalid time or date setting (typically on Macs - manually enter current time and date in "Date & Time Preferences")
  • Static IP or DNS address (should be set to automatic)
  • Invalid or expired CatID or Passphrase
1) Sync your passphrase
2) Reset your passphrase
3) "Forget" the network (WindowsMaciOSAndroid) and reconnect.

If you've searched through our site and still need help, there are three different ways for you to receive ResNet assistance:

Be sure to have your CatID ready. 

1) Call Phone Support @ (319) 273-5555

2) Make an incident at

3) Email Us
Be as thorough as possible on what you've tried so far and what the issue/error is so we can help you quickly!