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Apple iOS

These are instructions on how to connect an Apple iPhone to UNI's WiFi network.

Step 1

Open the settings app on your iPhone and open Wi-Fi. Select WiFi-UNI from the available networks.

Step 2

It will next prompt you for a username and password, which is your UNI CatID and Passphrase. Click "Join."


Step 3

Once your CatID and Passphrase have been verified, it will prompt you to install a certificate, which saves your CatID and Passphrase as well as network settings onto your phone. Click "Trust."


Once the certificate has been "trusted," you will be connected to WiFi-UNI.


If you're unable to connect, "forget" the network and reenter your CatID and Passphrase. Errors in connection typically come from an incorrectly typed Passphrase. If you run in to any other problems, don't hesitate to contact us!