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Determining OS or Device Type

Unsure of your operating system or the device you're using? This website  will help you to determine the operating system (OS). You will find it on the button in the top right titled "Operating System."

Device Type
To determine your device type, locate the manufacturer of your device. A name brand should be shown somewhere on your device. This is usually found directly below the screen or on the back of the screen. For example, Apple devices show an apple on the back side of the screen. 

To determine the model type of your device, locate the manufacturer of the device (listed above). Navigate to the website of your manufacturer and search for the Support section. From here, find the Devices section and search for your device.

With that information found, you can now choose the article relevant to your device for instructions on connecting to ResNet, or contact the Helpdesk at (319) 273-7768 for assistance.