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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is ResNet?

For a good description of this, view our About Us page.  If you need immediate help, click here.

2. Why are Internet download speeds different at different times of the day?

Click here for information.

3. My internet was working fine, but now when I try to load a page, I see the ResNet registration page. Why is this happening?

The most common cause of this is that computer is remembering the registration page from while your computer was in the registration process. To fix this problem, click here.

Other causes could be either a temporary network-related issue, or your computer may have been quarantined for network access. Click here to view the status of your network registration(s).

You may also want to visit our Connection Problem page for help with troubleshooting.

4. I have access to ResNet, so why doesn't my e-mail/MyUNIverse/e-Business work?

There can be a number of reasons for this. The best source of help for UNI-wide applications can be found by contacting the Computer Consulting Center at 273-5555 and selecting option 1.

5. I see UNI is no longer providing it's Anti-Virus program to students, will mine still work?

Yes. The university no longer provides Symantec Endpoint Protection for students, faculty, or staff. If your computer already has it installed, it will continue to function. ResNet now recomends Microsoft Security Essentials for Windows computers as it is free, effective, and easy to install. The only requirements are a Genuine(TM) copy of Microsoft Windows.

6. Why do I need to register my computer for ResNet access?

All computers must be registered in order to provide the most secure computing environment possible. To register, computers must pass a test certifying that they are up-to-date on patches, have a current anti-virus program installed, and will continue to automatically update both. Since viruses spread through networks, this minimizes the possible sources of infection to yourself and any other computers. In the case that you need assistance from ResNet staff, registering your computer also provides an update to the database that RCCs use to help diagnose problems you may be having.

To find information about registering your computer please check our Connection Guides.

7. What operating systems are supported by ResNet?

To view ResNet's list of supported operating systems, click here. Linux or other alternating systems can be registered for ResNet access, but ResNet provides limited support for them.

8. Do Hillside-Jennings Apartment residents need to manually register?

Hillside-Jennings residents shouldn't have to manually register their devices. If you are having problems connecting to the network, please see our Connection Problem page or call the ResNet Helpdesk at 273-7768

9. How can I get wireless Internet access?

ResNet currently provides wireless access in the all of the dorms on campus (except Bartlett) and in ROTH. If you live in Hillside-Jennings, you can use a personal wireless router, but these are not allowed in the dorms. For help on registering for wireless, click here. Be sure to register for ResNet wired access as well incase the wireless should be down at any time.

10. Can having a virus on my computer affect my Internet access? How can I remove a virus?

If your computer is infected, one of two things may happen to affect your access. The virus can interfere with your network connection, or your computer may need to be quarantined to prevent the spread of the virus on the network. If you know what type of virus you have, you may visit ResNet's Virus Threats page for more information. It may be necessary to reformat your computer to completely remove the virus(es). ResNet does not remove viruses (although information about virus removal can be provided), but you can visit the Computer Consulting Center for help with removing the virus. ResNet does, however, support reformatting your computer. Instructions for reformatting your computer can be found on our Solutions page.

11. What do I do if I'm having a problem with a lab computer?

Lab computers are maintained by ITS User Services. If there is not a customer service assistant in the lab, you may contact the Computer Consulting Center at 273-5555.

12. I am interested in becoming a RCC. Where do I go to inquire about employment opportunities?

Job openings will be posted on the ResNet web page. Look for an e-mail or posters around campus (usually in the spring). Most positions are for fall and spring semesters.

13. How do I register my video game console (Xbox, Playstation, etc)?

Click here for information on how to register your game console on ResNet.

14. How many computers are on ResNet?

Approximately 5,000 active computers are on ResNet during the regular school year. On average, more than 90% of on-campus students use ResNet.

15. Who does ResNet Support?

ResNet provides wired and wireless internet service to the on-campus UNI Residential community. If you are a visiting guest or scholar living on-campus for an extended period of time and would like ResNet access, please contact Conference Services for the Department of Residence.