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Manual Wireless Configuration


Protocol Support: 802.11n, g or a
Security: 802.1x using WPA-Enterprise
Authentication: PEAP
Tunneled Authentication: MS CHAP v2
Certificate: DigiCert High Assurance EV Root CA*
Encryption: AES

For username and password fill in your CatID information. You do not need to fill out the anonymous username selection. 

If you are having trouble with the manual configuration please refer to this list to ensure that your device is compatible with the type of network at UNI (WPA-Enterprise). 
If you are having trouble with a particular operating system or device please contact the ResNet Helpdesk. We are more than willing to figure out whether or not a device will connect. 

*In many cases you do not have to specify a certificate, but it will help with maintaining connection and reconnecting if you do. Click to download the certificate from DigiCert (expires 2031). Many Linux distributions will have this certificate already, but with various off shoots the certificate will have to be added manually.