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Playstation 3

Playstation 3 consoles are only able to get internet access over a wired connection and are unable to connect over a wireless connection. Before trying to register, make sure that you have an ethernet cord connecting your Playstation 3 to the port in your room.


1. Turn on your Playstation 3 without any disk in the drive.

2. Navigate to the "Settings" icon (located on the far left). Press the X button.

3. Select “Network Settings” with the X button.

4. Select “Settings and Connection Status List" with the X button.

5. You will see your MAC address listed inside. It may have letters and/or numbers and will be in the format xx-xx-xx-xx-xx-xx. Write down your MAC address

6. Register your device. For directions on registering your device manually, refer to our instruction page. You will need to use your CatID and accept the ResNet policy. Once there, you will need to enter the MAC address you wrote down. Ensure that this is entered correctly to receive access without a problem. Under "description," type in that you are registering a Playstation 3. Once all the information is completed and registered, you should receive internet access through your Playstation 3.