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The following policies outline the terms of agreement for ResNet Internet access. This is a supplement to the University's Use of Computing Resources Policy.


Devices that require Internet access must be registered to the device's owner. Each user is allowed 5 registrations.

All activities that occur on a registered device are the responsibility of the person who has registered that device. If a device's registration status changes, ResNet will attempt to contact the owner of that device by using information available in the UNI Directory.

Network Connections

A room's network jacks and wiring are not to be modified in any way. ResNet reserves the right to prohibit a device or type of device from network access.

Bandwidth Usage

Computers found to be using an excessive amount of bandwidth over a period of time, as determined by the University, may lose Internet access until the abuse is resolved. ResNet follows the University's Internet Provisioning guidelines.

Bandwidth priority is given to web browsing traffic. File-sharing programs and other Internet protocols may receive limited bandwidth or lower priority access to help curb bandwidth abuse.


ResNet does not allow computers to be run as servers (web servers, game servers, FTP, etc.). ITS provides web and FTP server space available upon request.

Device Security

Safe computing practices are the responsibility of the individual registering a device. All registered devices are expected to provide secure network access (i.e. password protection, firewall enabled, etc.). These devices must be kept updated with the latest security patches available. Unsecured, open, and/or unprotected network devices are subject to removal from network access, such as wireless routers.

Windows-based computers must run an updated and currently supported version of anti-virus software. A list of free anti-virus softwares can be viewed on our helpful links page.

Copyright Violations

UNI does not monitor ResNet for copyright violations. However, it does comply with infringement notifications in accordance with the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). If a notification is received of a copyright violation, the violator's ResNet connections will be revoked and the user will be notified through their UNI e-mail account. For more information on copyright compliance at UNI, visit the ITS web site's Policies & Guidelines page.

Network Card Installation

ResNet staff will not install network cards without consent from the computer's owner. The University, its staff, and RCCs are not liable for any damage/problems resulting from the installation of a network card.


Computers that do not meet the ResNet Minimum System Requirements are not eligible for ResNet support. Non-computer Internet devices (such as gaming consoles) may receive limited support by ResNet staff.