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Remove a Computer Virus


You are likely viewing this page because you have a virus infection you either noticed on your own or you received an e-mail from ResNet with information stating your Internet connection has been disabled until your virus problem is resolved.  If you detected a virus on your own, you are free to choose either option below that works best for you.  If your connection was disabled by UNI, you will need to follow the instructions below depending on if this is your first infection or not.  Option 1 is available if this is your first infection, otherwise you will have to choose Option 2.

Option 1: Virus removal

Many viruses can be removed by running virus removal software.  See our Helpful Links page for a list of virus removal software you can install.  If this is the first virus infection notice you have received from UNI, you may attempt to remove the virus yourself by installing one of the software packages listed on the Helpful Links page and running the software.  You may need to download the virus removal tools on to a flash drive and then install them on the infected device.

Option 2: Reformat

Some viruses can be so difficult to remove it may be necessary to have the computer reformatted, or if this is a subsequent virus infection notice for your computer. Reformatting a computer will erase all information on the computer including documents, pictures, video, music, and applications such as Microsoft Office. This information needs to be stored or "backed up" prior to a reformat. More information on reformatting your computer can be found in the How To section.

Contact the Computer Consulting Center (319) 273-5555 for assistance.

Restoring access

If your Internet connection was disabled by ResNet and you have chosen the appropriate option, contact us to have your connection re-enabled or reply to the original notification message from a computer with Internet access.