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Surface RT

The following instructions will show you how to connect your Surface RT laptop to UNI's wireless network. As Surface tablets do not have ethernet cables, they are unable to connect to the wired access unless you purchase a USB adapted for your tablet.

Step 1
First, on your homescreen, you will need to swipe to the left from the right side of your screen to open the side panel.

Step 2
Tap 'Settings.'

Step 3
Tap the WiFi symbol (first row on the right) that says 'Available.'

Step 4
Click on WiFi-UNI, select 'Connect automatically' and then hit the button titled 'Connect.'

Step 5
Once it attempts to connect, it will ask for a username and password; here, you will need to enter your CatID and passphrase.

Step 6
Your tablet will attempt to connect (it may prompt you for your CatID and Passphrase more than once) and then once you see this screen, press 'Connect.'

After pressing 'Connect,' you should be successfully connected to the WiFi-UNI network! If you have any problems connecting, contact us at (319) 273-7688.