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Unsupported Operating Systems

What is an Operating System? An operating system is a program designed to run other programs on a computer. Manufacturers will drop support for older operating systems over time. To determine your computer's operating system, click here.

Old operating systems that are not supported by the manufacturer are not supported by ResNet. Some examples include Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Mac OS 9 and earlier. Microsoft and Apple have stopped providing support for these operating systems. Because of this, any new security flaws found will no longer be patched and updated. This poses a significant threat to network security as well as to the computer. Additionally, current virus protection is no longer widely available for these operating systems.

Computers running unsupported operating systems must be upgraded or replaced before registering for ResNet access. Generally computers running Windows 95 cannot run Windows XP or newer because they will not meet the minimum hardware requirements required to run it (256MB of RAM, 4 GB of hard drive space free, Pentium 3 processor or higher, etc.).

If you are wanting to upgrade your computer, you may be able to purchase an upgrade through UNI's student discounted pricing if your computer's hardware is running these systems. Visit the ITS website for more information. Additionally, some majors on campus may have the option to obtain free copies of these operating systems and even other software through their college's departmental office. Talk to your department to find out if you qualify. Two that are known to provide this benefit are the Computer Science and Management Information Systems departments.