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Use E-Business

E-Business (formerly known as MEMFIS) is used to keep track of the time that is worked each week. Timecards are turned in weekly and we get paid every other Wednesday. General information about E-Business can be found here.

To access E-Business go here.

Creating timecards for Students and Staff

For help creating timecards go to Student Weekly Timecard Help.

Creating timecards for Merit Employees

Merit Employee Timecards

Timecard management

When you submit a timecard there will be a notification that it has been submitted. There will also be a new notification when the timecard is approved by your supervisor. You will get emails of these reminders until they are removed from the notifications. To remove the notifications you just need to open each one and then click ok. These notifications will let you know if the timecard is approved or rejected. Your supervisor may reject your timecard if you have made a mistake when entering your time.

You can also tell the status of your timecard by going to the page where you can view all of your timecards. Under status it might say:

  • Working - This means that the timecard is in process but has not been submitted. You can still edit the timecard if it is in this status. Be sure to enter all of your time before you submit your timecard.
  • Submitted - This means that you have submitted your timecard and it is waiting to be approved.
  • Approved - This means that your supervisor has approved the timecard.
  • Processed - This means that the timecard has been processed. Timecards have to be processed in order to get paid.

Other questions

Other questions can be answered in the Contact Guide.