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Windows Updates Notifications


Windows Updates will keep your computer running smooth and secure. There are several updates that are released every month and over time a lack of attention to these updates can result in functioning degradation and security risks. Owners of Windows PCs should be sure to install updates regularly or utilize the automatic update installation features. 

Checking for updates and installing updates:

Note: Windows 8 automatically checks and installs updates. Manual checks and installation of updates is possible by going into the PC Settings menu. 

Windows Vista and 7:

  • Open Control Panel and go to the System and Security menu
  • Select Check for updates in the Windows Update section
  • Once the updates have been found the option to install them will appear. 

Windows XP: 

Instructions for your computer will be provided at
First time users will be prompted to verify their operating system and other users may have previously downloaded the update utility. If you have this utility, please select the option to automatically install updates.