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Unfortunately, Roku players do not support WPA Enterprise, which is the wireless network type we use. Therefore, they are unable to connect wirelessly. However, if your Roku has an Ethernet port, then you are able to connect via an Ethernet cable to the data port located in your residence hall room. You will need to locate the MAC address of your Roku and register it with our network before you are able to receive access.

Step One

Ensure that you have a compatible Roku player with an Ethernet port. The Roku 3 is the most recent Roku that offers this feature. 

AppleTV can connect both wirelessly and via Ethernet cable to the data port in your residence hall room.

  1. What is ResNet?

For a good description of this, view our About Us page.  If you need immediate help, click here.

2. Why are Internet download speeds different at different times of the day?

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Note: Your computer may contain a wireless network card as well as a wired network card, or contain multiple network cards. When looking for the computer's MAC address, be sure to find the MAC address associated with the network card you wish to use. If you are connecting through Wi-Fi, you must use the MAC address associated with the wireless network card, and users plugged in through ethernet cable require their wired MAC address.

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